The release of Black Austria was delayed because I was afflicted by an illness that sidelines many projects – Perfectionism. I filmed my first interview in late 2015 and have worked on it since then. Nothing is perfect. In particular, I wish I knew more about filming, sound engineering, editing and framing before I started. I had to learn as I went along and I’m sure that the process of learning will be never-ending.

City doorThis is a new world for me. I am a software engineer and web designer. I underestimated how difficult it would be to release a creation that is so close to your heart.

It is a self-funded project so I have had to fit this in while working full-time. Towards the end, I hired an assistant, Imani, to help me.

I remain inspired by the Black Austria participants who agreed to share their stories. I picked them because I felt that their stories could illuminate much about life in Austria and I was never disappointed.

I’m aware of the places that I want to improve technically but I could use some feedback from community members about content. Thanks in advance for visiting. Please contact me if you have thoughts.


Photo: Orlando Imperatore via Compfight